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Why should you wear the Gold abacus jewellery?


Why should you wear the Gold abacus jewellery?


Gold abacus symbolizes great wealth and abundance. As the wearer moves and goes around his/her daily live, the beads of the abacus will move along. The movement of the beads is believed to ring in more sales, business opportunities and wealth. So, who can wear the Gold abacus or why should you wear it?


  1. Retail: When you wear the Gold abacus for sales, the movement of the abacus beads on the jewellery piece you own symbolises ringing in more sales.
  2. Students: The abacus is said to bring academic luck to students to excel in the subjects associated to mathematics, accounting, physics or engineering.
  3. Traders/bankers: The abacus is believed to benefit the individual’s careers in stock market, banking, trading, finance, M&A, just to mention a few.
  4. Newlyweds/couple: The abacus is a thoughtful gift for newlyweds or couples as it signifies a blessed life with prosperity and the start of a beautiful life together.
  5. Businessman: Businessman, corporate leaders or entrepreneurs wear the abacus jewellery piece in the hope of bringing more wealth, luck and profits.


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