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Kim Gold, with a focus on sustainability, renewability and transparency in pricing, launches her pre-loved jewellery brand.

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Kim Gold, with a focus on sustainability, renewability and transparency in pricing, launches her pre-loved jewellery brand.


Kim means Gold in two Chinese dialects, Hakka and Hokkien. Kim’s Chinese name“锦” is often associated with breathtaking sceneries好景(锦)象, bright prospects or glorious future. The “passing” of the pre-loved jewellery to the next owner is a symbolism of passing the beauty of Mother Nature in its current splendour to the next generation so they too can adore her beauty.



Kim Gold believes that sustainable fashion should be an integral part of sustainable living.  Simple changes like opting for pre-loved jewellery helps lessen the demand to produce new jewellery. By doing so, this helps to reduce significant environmental implications or negative externalities that is brought about by sourcing or mining for new Gold.



At Kim Gold, jewellery is sold by Gold weight per gram plus a transparent premium (Kim Gold fee). Kim Gold offers this unique transparent pricing model for jewellery, allowing clients to clearly know their metal value and the revenue earned by Kim Gold. This is in line with one of Kim Gold’s mission; ensuring transparency (pricing and processes) and to uphold the value of putting clients at the heart of our business.



For Kim Gold’s launch, 3 featured series will first be introduced: Abacus Series, Wedding Series and Duo Glitter Series. Other exciting jewellery series will be introduced in the next few months.



Stringent processes in ensuring the authenticity and quality including cleaning and disinfecting of Kim Gold’s jewellery are put in place. This provides clients with a piece of mind and confidence in the jewellery pieces they will buy from Kim Gold.



“Kim Gold is a brand GSC created to provide clients with more value for their jewellery and also empower our valued clients in their pursuit of ethical, responsible purchase and sustainable living.” Said Brian Lan, Managing Director of GoldSilver Central.





For media requests, please contact:

Evonne Seow

Senior Branding & Marketing Executive


Kim Gold

T: (65) 6222 9703

E: [email protected]


For further information, please visit:

T: (65) 6222 9703

E: [email protected]



About GoldSilver Central


GoldSilver Central Pte Ltd, a Singapore registered company since 2011 specialises in physical bullion trading in gold, silver and platinum at real-time pricing, industry bullion supply, bullion buying and selling, collateral loan and secured storage under GoldSilver Central’s Bullion Storage Program at the Le Freeport.


GoldSilver Central has been awarded Authorised Distributorship for Perth Mint products and also the Authorised Dealer for the Government Guaranteed Perth Mint Certificate Program. GoldSilver Central differentiates itself from its competitors with its full suite of integrated precious metals products and bullion services with a focus on making physical bullion investment accessible and liquid to the individual, at leading competitive rates.

GoldSilver Central is a current local associate corporate member of the Singapore Bullion Market Association (SBMA), formed in 1993 to support Singapore’s goal to be a physical bullion hub in Southeast Asia.


For further information, please visit
Contact email: [email protected] | Tel : (65) 6222 9703
GoldSilver Central’s office is located at 03 Pickering Street #01-15/16 Nankin Row Singapore 048660.

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Jewellery guide: Ensuring authenticity of pre-loved jewellery

We understand authenticity is one of the greatest concerns when comes to buying pre-loved jewellery. Other than buying from a legitimate or reputable gold dealer to lower counterfeit risks, what else can we do to ensure the authenticity of the jewellery to avoid disappointment and losses? Here are some general guides which may be useful for consumers.

Hallmark: Gold jewellery is usually stamped with markings indicating its purity in terms of karat. For example, a “916”stamp means that the piece is 91.6% of it is gold, which corresponds to 22 karats. However, there is no guarantee that the stamp is accurate especially for hallmarks not done in Singapore and for jewellery bought long ago.


Magnetic test:

Pure Gold will not be attracted to a magnet. At Kim Gold, we have a Magnetic Bullion Tester to measure the attraction of the Gold pieces to the strong magnet in the device. At home, you can simply test it with magnet. If your gold was attracted to a magnet, you know for sure it is not pure gold and the Gold content of the item might be low.




Gold Testing Machine:

Kim Gold uses a XRF Analyzer to authenticate all pre-loved jewellery. The machines can analyze the exact composition of metals within the jewellery for example the percentage of Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc content it contains just to name a few. Clients can have full confidence in the authenticity of the jewellery bought from Kim Gold.




We hope that you have learnt something from our guide to buying pre-loved jewellery. If you have doubt in your gold jewellery, feel free to send us a message! At Kim Gold, we are proud to have a team of in house jewellery experts to resolve your concerns!





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Why should you wear the Gold abacus jewellery?


Why should you wear the Gold abacus jewellery?


Gold abacus symbolizes great wealth and abundance. As the wearer moves and goes around his/her daily live, the beads of the abacus will move along. The movement of the beads is believed to ring in more sales, business opportunities and wealth. So, who can wear the Gold abacus or why should you wear it?


  1. Retail: When you wear the Gold abacus for sales, the movement of the abacus beads on the jewellery piece you own symbolises ringing in more sales.
  2. Students: The abacus is said to bring academic luck to students to excel in the subjects associated to mathematics, accounting, physics or engineering.
  3. Traders/bankers: The abacus is believed to benefit the individual’s careers in stock market, banking, trading, finance, M&A, just to mention a few.
  4. Newlyweds/couple: The abacus is a thoughtful gift for newlyweds or couples as it signifies a blessed life with prosperity and the start of a beautiful life together.
  5. Businessman: Businessman, corporate leaders or entrepreneurs wear the abacus jewellery piece in the hope of bringing more wealth, luck and profits.


Check out our Gold Abacus series at:

Who knows you may just find the abacus of your life!