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22k Heart of Contentment Pendant 8.23g

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Heart shaped abacus with movable beads.

Kim Gold Fee (per gram): 

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Kim Gold Transparent pricing

Kim Gold offers a unique pricing model where clients can clearly know the Gold value and the revenue earned by Kim Gold for per piece of jewellery sold. Jewellery price at Kim Gold can be calculated by spot Gold price per gram plus a transparent premium (Kim Gold Fee) multiplied by the weight of the jewellery.

For example: If 24k Gold prevailing price is $85 per gram with Kim Gold Fee at $5 per gram and your jewellery is 2g, the price you will pay for the jewellery will be ($85 x 2g) + ($5 x 2g)= $180

Kim Gold Fee

This is the fee per gram that Kim Gold earns on each piece sold. This fee includes design, packaging, overhead and operating costs.

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Weight 8.23 g
Dimensions 2.70 × 2.80 cm



How can we be contented? We can find the little things that can give us simple joys like the scent of grasses, the taste your favourite food or the voice of your loved one. Contented people are happier people. 22k Heart shaped abacus with movable beads is one of the simple gifts that can bring happiness and is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

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